Gebauer & Griller -
A success story made in Austria

1940 Founded as a trading agency for raw materials and semi-finished products, Gebauer & Griller rapidly became a production plant that now operates worldwide. As an Austrian family-owned business, we have always been committed to our stable values – the spirit of innovation, competence, and reliability.

In the 1940s, the former trading agency specialized in jumper and resistance wires. The latter are produced to this day at our metalworks in Linz.

Post-war economic miracle

The 1950s focused on cable and wire production in Vienna. The systematic expansion of the product line was accompanied by a constant modernization of the facilities.

In the 1960s, Gebauer & Griller was already the #1 supplier of thermoplastic-insulated cable and wires in Austria. The company developed the country's first operational underwater telephone cable with plastic insulation.

Entering the automotive industry

In the 1970s, Gebauer & Griller added a new sales market to its portfolio: As a specialist for plastic-insulated wires, the company became an important partner of the automotive industry. A second location was established and quickly expanded in Poysdorf.

A development boost in the 1980s: the development and production of telecommunication cables and elevator control cables in Vienna, modern PVC compounding in Poysdorf and the optimization of fine copper wire production in Linz.

First plant in Czech Republic

The 1990s led to an expansion of the product portfolio throughout the supply chain: the subsidiaries Kabelkonfektion and Kabeltechnik in Mikulov (Czech Republic) are founded for the production of cable harnesses. The introduction of a comprehensive quality assurance system leads to the first certification of a cable plant worldwide in accordance with the VDA 6.1 standard. The entire cable and wire production is relocated to Poysdorf.

In the 2000s, we expanded the scope of our business by adding cable harnesses and using aluminum as a wire material for vehicles. This became the foundation for our company’s growth until today.

A new coating tower was erected at the Linz location in 2009. With the specially designed tin-plated flat wires for photovoltaic producers, Gebauer & Griller also used its copper working and surface finishing know-how in this future-oriented industry.

Entering North American and Asian markets

The 2010s are marked by the increased globalization of Gebauer & Griller. Sales offices in the United States and Germany as well as new production sites in India, the Republic of Moldova, Mexico, Slovakia and China created the foundation for future growth and affirmed the dynamic development of the company.

In 2010, Gebauer & Griller ventured into the Asian market and opened its first plant in Bangalore, India. This plant produces primarily elevator wires and photovoltaic elements.

In Balti (Republic of Moldova), the groundbreaking ceremony for a plant producing single-core wires for the automotive sector was held in 2012.

In 2013, a plant for customized products for the elevator and escalator sector was established near the Poysdorf location in Vel’ke Leváre in Western Slovakia.

 In 2014, the first production site across the Atlantic Ocean started its operation. Battery harnesses and supply lines for the automotive sector are produced in San Juan del Río, Mexico.

Management changes occured at Gebauer & Griller in Vienna in 2016. Friederike Jacquelin, who had been the CEO for many years, became a member of the Supervisory Board. Eva Schinkinger is her successor. Axel Blasko and Holger Fastabend as well as Nikolaus Griller, who represents the third generation of the company’s founding family, also joined the management team.

In 2017, the locations in Mexico and Moldova were expanded significantly and the first production site in the People’s Republic of China opened in Shenyang.